Supporting the Creation of Production Infrastructures (NanoFab) and Technical Services

May 09, 2017     1750      0


The increasing pace of technological advances in developing countries is drastically depends on the production infrastructures and research centers that scientifically and technologically have always supported the industries. These infrastructures that are composed of different shapes and sizes have been formed in domestic industries, are responsible for affording the research requirements or they are independent companies that provide services for a wide range of industries. The research areas at these centers are spread from the studies on edges of science to industrial and practical issues. Each center regulates its mission according to customers. These infrastructures not only contribute to the definition and implementation of research projects in the company but also can provide and spread external opportunities in universities and research centers.

By creation of NanoFab infrastructures and providing technical services, with the help of laboratory instruments, the commercialization process of new ideas and prototypes will be safe and with the least risk.