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Recognizing the importance and the role of standardization in the development and commercialization of nanotechnology products and in order to fulfill some objectives of the nanotechnology national program, Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC) established” Nanotechnology Standardization committee” in 2006 with close collaboration of Iran National Standardization Organization (INSO).

Iran Nanotechnology Standardization Committee serves as mirror committee to ISO/TC229 (ISO technical committee on Nanotechnologies) and has four specialized working groups, composed of more than 100 members from university professors, researchers, experts form Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iran National Standard Organization and nanotechnology enterprises. These working groups (WGs) include:

  • WG1: “Terminology, Definitions and Nomenclature”
  • WG2: “Measurement and Characterization”
  • WG3: “Health, Safety and Environment”
  • WG4: “Material Specifications”

The committee pursues the following general objectives:
1. Development of national and international nano standards.
2. Establishment of a transparent and efficient regulatory system to support sustainable development of the market and trading of nanotechnology products.
3. Achieving a high capacity of efficient human capital needed to operate in the field of nanotechnology standard and safety.
4. Establishment of required infrastructures with a networking approach in harmony with safety and standard activities in the field of nanotechnology, such as laboratory equipment, and reference laboratories.
5. Achieving adequate capacity in private sector to participate effectively in the field of standard and safety of nanotechnology.
6. Implementation of bilateral and multilateral regional and international protocols, regulations and certificates in the field of nanotechnology standards and safety.