Secretary General Welcome Address

August 25, 2017     7726      0

Welcome to the website of "Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC)". It strives to actively cover some of scientific, research and industrial achievements of Iranian scientists in different fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. This breaking news is provided for researchers, industrialists, executives of public sector and private sector, investors and business owners in the international level.

INIC was established in 2001 and started working as only national center in charge of developing the nanoscience and nanotechnology in Iran. A collection of INIC’s recent activities has developed a holistic approach based on the commercialization and industrial development. We support start-up companies for the commercialization, introduce nanotechnology to existing companies, and support nanotechnology-based companies to achieve a decent share of national and international markets.

The prevailing approach to technology development programs has so far been based on the selection of high-priority issues and their assignment to active faculty members of universities in the form of operational projects. Given the necessity of Iranian nanoscience society’s universal scientific movement towards technological achievements, a new program will also be designed and implemented to encourage technological activities at the academic level, as well as innovations in the implementation of the ongoing program. Therefore, INIC aims to conduct the planning and policy making through a new program to pave the way for developing the new-emerging future technologies.

Eight thousand three hundred and six nanotechnology-oriented articles have been indexed by Iranian researchers at WoS in 2016. Iran was ranked sixth in the world with a one-step climb compared to 2015. The relative annual growth of Iran's nano-articles has been around sixty percent over the past sixteen years. Iran is now ranked twenty third in terms of nano-article per capita, and third in the world in terms of the number of articles per GDP based on PPP.

Our activities and achievements in the field of nanotechnology will be disclosed via this website. We kindly request all contacts and interested parties to inform us of their comments through contact us.

Ali Beitollahi

Director of the INIC International workgroup