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Crack paint

Crackle techniques are most often applied to represent an aged effect. A crackle effect can also be applied for interesting texture and backgrounds and applied to mimic organic forms like tree bark, stone and rock surfaces, and even the skin of a leaf.

January 01, 2019 Industrial Goods
Website : www.crackpaint.com‎

This paint has many various advantages including:

  • Applying two various paints over the surface at the same time that gives the ability to create more harmony with the decorator.
  • Not representing defects of using the work surface for a long time, whether it is the component or large surfaces including walls (various damages of the surface and the absence of a periodic regular cleaning)
  • The possibility of repairing surface damages in long-term without painting the whole work.
  • Unlimited variety of different colors
  • The possibility of being applied to the plastic colorable surfaces without needing primers including ABS, Polystyrene, and Himepack.
  • The possibility of being applied to various primers according to its structures
  • Requires no previous experience or special skills in the use of paint
  • The possibility of using various tools for applying the paint including palette knives, brushes, rollers, painting pumps (with or without air) and even multi-color painting pumps.

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