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Battery Expander

This product is known as a Lead- acid battery expander containing nanoparticles and shows significantly improved qualitative parameters compare to conventional expanders.

September 09, 2018 Auto Accessories
Website : http://nanoproduct.ir/en/product/3323/Battery Expander

An automotive battery is a rechargeable battery that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle. Along the years of optimizing numerous researches on the battery performance, the main technical challenges have been identified which are the continuity of supply, contact, and interaction of reactants with electrode materials and electrolyte. In principle, this requires an adequate supply of acid, an active material of high surface area, good contact between the particles of the active material (particularly in positive plates that show a tendency to expand during charge-discharge service cycle), and the minimization of the insulating effects of PbSO4. Most importantly, the limitation of the lead-acid battery is caused by the underlying reaction taking place between positive and negative electrodes that inhibits rapid electron transfer.
Therefore, nanotechnology affords all the 
aforementioned conditions for a better performance and is also offered to overcome the limitation of such batteries by producing electrode material with high active surface area and efficiency.


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