Policy-making and Evaluation

July 18, 2017     3258      0

During the implementation of the second 10-year nanotechnology plan, the policy-making and evaluation department has taken the following steps to pave the way of the growth of nanotechnology in the country:

  • Leading research projects on nanotechnology policy- making
  • Annual evaluation and publication of policy research studies
  • Establishing information and knowledge infrastructure to implement strategic plans

According to the policy-making cycle, the department’s activities fall under one of the three categories of policy-making, policy implementation, and policy outcome analysis and evaluation. Over implementation of the second 10-year nanotechnology strategic plan, the following areas have been focused on:

  • Institutional and organizational development; a successful implementation of nanotechnology strategic plans depends on identifying and benefitting from institutional and organizational capacities of the country.
  • Documenting policy-making experiences and models (policy documentation); the growth of nanotechnology over the past decades has introduced successful experiences and models. Documenting and publishing such achievements help continue the progressive trend.