Human Resources

July 08, 2017     1839      0


Experts and knowledge workers are key to enhancing competitiveness and performance in organizations and companies. Capable human resources are sources of specialized services, enhancing innovation, creativity and efficiency. Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council has developed a program so as to benefit from the most capable human resources in the field of nanotechnology. 

High on the agenda of the council are the following: 

Supporting research: Under the second ten-year nanotechnology development plan, incentives are being offered to fulfill goals such as increasing scientific achievements, qualitatively and quantitatively and working toward becoming pioneer in some scientific areas. 

Supporting relevant theses based on a step-by-step framework: Post graduates can benefit from supportive incentives offered by INIC on the basis of a number of criteria. The amount of incentive can be increased based on the level of progress. 

Employment Services: In this service applicants can get the latest updates on nanotechnology vacancies at The platform also helps nanotechnology companies in hiring experts. Currently, the website has a CV pool of considerable applicants with diverse study backgrounds such as nanotechnology, nanomaterial, nanophysics, nanochemistry, and biotechnology. 

Capacity building courses for nanotechnology human resources: The courses aim is familiarizing post graduates
with the jargon and concepts of knowledge-based businesses. The curricula include: entrepreneurship, commercialization of academic research and patent management.