Iran’s proposed guidelines on clay nanomaterial has been approved by the International Standardization Organization (ISO)

After 4 years of continuous efforts by Iranian experts, the proposal on "Nanotechnology - Clay Nanomaterials – Properties and Evaluation Methods" has finally been approved by ISO.

December 29, 2019 Industrial

The standard document was proposed by INIC’s Nanotechnology Standardization committee to the International Standardization Organization (ISO) four years ago. After considerable lengthy discussions and debates in these four years, the document has been finally accepted and it is now available at
Reports indicate that clay nanomaterials are of particular importance in today's industry and technology all over the world. Clay nanomaterials could be used in various medical and pharmaceutical industries, packaging, paint and coating, automotive, rubber and polymer composites. Measurement methods for various parameters including mechanical stability and properties, chemical resistance, etc. are reported in this document.
This brings the number of Iranian developed international nanotechnology standards to five. Iran as well as China and Germany are currently ranked fourth based on the number of international standards.