Export of Iranian Silicone Nanopolymer to Asian Countries

Polymer based nanoproducts of Iranian knowledge-based companies are exported to a few Asian countries. Good quality and high competitiveness of products compared to similar products have paved the way for exporting this product. 

August 15, 2019 Industrial

Silicone nanopolymer manufactured by Iranian knowledge-based companies is being exported to a few Asian countries. The companies manufacture nanopolymer products, metal nanopowders, and polymer nanocolloids.

According to Research and Development Manager of one of these companies “This nanomaterial makes it possible to produce thin polymer films and super-hydrophobicity surfaces. This makes them suitable to be used in plastic, anti-dust and anti-fog industries; and vehicle-related products such as fuel additives and car engine cleaners, as well as different toxicants like pesticides and extermination substances”.

Over 200 tons of silicone nanopolymer has been manufactured in 2018 by Iranian companies. A large portion of the manufactured nanomaterial has been exported due to its competitive performance and price in international market.