Development of a Heart Attack Diagnosis Device Prototype

An Iranian company has developed a heart attack diagnosis device prototype. The final device, which uses graphene for signal boosting and sensitivity, will be small and portable. It is expected to reach mass production by next year.

October 08, 2019 Industrial

An Iranian company has succeeded in developing a sensor for early detection of heart attacks. This sensor, which is a lab-on-a-chip device, uses graphene to detect heart attack’s bio-indicators. "Some heart cells face structural degradation at the time of a heart attack and this produces special compounds that, if detected, can help early diagnosis of the heart attack.

Using graphene sheets, we built a lab-on-a-chip that could detect a heart attack through a small amount of the patient's blood in less than twenty minutes. This device would be portable, accurate, and easy to use", said Yousefi Nasab, CEO of the company. He added, "We have been trying to obtain CE for this technology since last year and expect to receive it in the next year. After clinical trials, the mass production of the device will begin"