Export of Iranian Antibacterial Nano Paints to Qatar

An Iranian company has developed a heart attack diagnosis device prototype. The final device, which uses graphene for signal boosting and sensitivity, will be small and portable. It is expected to reach mass production by next year.

October 04, 2019 Industrial

An Iranian company has exported graphene oxide nanomaterials to Qatar and has made decisions to use its antibacterial paints in public places, hotels and hospitals in Qatar.

Mr. Amrollahi, CEO of the company said, "Exporting graphene oxide powder to Qatar was a good opportunity for us to introduce our products to companies in Qatar. We have now taken measures to sell the antibacterial nano paints to Qatar. As people from all over the world go to Qatar during the World Cup competitions, public health is one of the greatest concerns of that country, which is why it seeks to use new technologies to ensure tourists' health during the competitions."