The Progress Trend of “Eco-Nano Project” Considered

ECO-Nano meeting was held on January 25, 2017 in place of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council. The heads of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), a number of representatives and ambassadors of member countries and authorities of the Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council participated in the meeting.

January 30, 2017 Management

The meeting of ECO-Nano was held with the participation of secretary-general and other ECO heads, different ambassadors from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, representative of Kazakhstan's ambassador and Iranian foreign ministry’s deputy environmental affairs and sustainable development office, on January 25, 2017 in the place of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council.
The improvement in ECO-Nano project and possible cooperation opportunities between ECO members in the field of Nanotechnology were considered at this meeting as well as ECO-Nano website was officially unveiled.
At this meeting, the ambassadors of participant countries expressed their interest in further forthcoming cooperation in Nanotechnology and put emphasis on the exchange of technology in this field.
Furthermore, the participants discussed what the future steps need to be taken to further accelerate the progress trend of the ECO-Nano project and exchanged their ideas about the role of diplomatic representatives from this perspective.
Ultimately, the secretary-general of Nanotechnology Innovation Council bestowed a book entitled "Nanotechnology in ECO Countries" on the secretary-general of ECO.
It is noteworthy that the Nano ECO network (ECO-Nano) was officially inaugurated on May, 2009 with the aim to improve the nanotechnology between the member countries, the exchange of experiences and expertise among these authorities, the development of ECO’s economic share in knowledge-based trades, the creation of a regional and international market of nanotechnology, and the improvement of livelihood standards between the member countries.



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