A new trend in export of educational nanotechnology equipment to Asian countries

Export of educational nanotechnology equipment and related educational packages to Asian countries by Tavana Corporation is going to exceed several hundred thousand of dollar in the next few years.

August 12, 2019 Industrial

Tavana Corporation will export Iranian made nanotechnology educational lab equipment, worth of several hundred thousand dollars, to Asian countries by partnering several local companies. According to the managing director of the company, this export will be realized via multiple contracts made in 2015 and later. In last three years dozens of devices including electrospinning, sputtering, and wire blasting equipment have been exported as part of the long term trade agreements. 

Exploiting the experience in training nanotechnology to students at national level, Tavana Corporation has succeeded to gain a high reputation and trust in international markets and been able to export products and training services to other countries. “during our working years, we have held nanotechnology training workshops in different countries and participated in relevant exhibitions” Tavana Corporation managing director said.

As a result, the company could secure long term contracts for export and also educational cooperation in target countries. There are other projects in pipeline including development of an online training platform to expand the outreach of the company's training activities. The portal will be used at three levels of elementary, intermediate, and advanced respectively for elementary school students, high school and undergraduate students, and PhD and postdoc students.



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