Green Synthesis of Multifunctional Silver Nanostructure with Antimicrobial and Catalytic Properties

A research team at Fasa and Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and the University of Auckland and Waikato in New Zealand has designed a green process for the synthesis of multifunctional silver nanostructures.

July 20, 2019 Scientific

Core-shell metallic nanostructures have introduced as a novel multifunctional nanomaterial with enhanced properties. Silver-based nanoparticles are among these particles that have a wide range of applications as antimicrobial agent in modern industries.

The research team designed a green process for synthesizing core-shell metallic silver nanoparticles. The product has antimicrobial properties and in the meantime can remove chemical pollutions from water. Results show that the product could remove 98.5% of color pollutants in just 4 hours.

The results of this research are published in the Journal of Industrial Crops and Products with an impact factor of 3.8.

You can refer to the original article here.



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