Complete Steric Exclusion of Ions through Confined Monolayer Water

A research team at Sharif University of Technology with the cooperation of an international team led by former Nobel Prize winner Andre Geim designed the smallest artificial channel in the world.

February 06, 2019 Scientific

The project is aimed at synthesizing capillaries made by effectively extracting one atomic plane from bulk crystals. Water can pass through these channels with little resistance while ions as small as Na+ or Cl- are discarded. Only H+ can pass through these structures. 

The product can be currently synthesized in the laboratory scale, however, the industrial scale production needs further research and study.

Dr. Ali Esfandiar, faculty member at Sharif University of Technology along with Prof. Andre Geim are key team members working on this project. The results are published in the Journal of Science.

You can refer to the original article here.



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