A Number of Commercial Deals Were Signed During the 11th International Nanotechnology Exhibition in Tehran

In the second day of this year’s International Nanotechnology Exhibition, 7 commercial deals were signed between industrial corporations and nanotechnology companies.

October 29, 2018 Agreements

7 commercial deals were signed between Iranian nanotechnology companies and industrial representatives. 

Details of these deals are stated below:

  • An agreement  worth $300,000 to increase the durability of protein products by a nanotechnology-based plastic bag
  • An agreement between Frico Holding and Parsa Polymer Sharif Co. on UV absorbing bottles worth $120,000 
  • A deal for hard Polyurethane foams with nano-cellulose worth $150,000  between Aria Rock Wool Co. and Baspar Tose Yaran Co.
  • A deal for lead-battery expander containing barium-sulfate nanoparticles worth $200,000  between Tavan Co. and Tolidi Nano Shimi Co.
  • A deal for magnesium fluoride nano-powder worth $150,000  between Rasatech Co. and Isfahan Electro Optic Co.
  • A deal for lipophobic coatings for 50,000 ovens between Snowa Co. and Nano Pad Sharif Co.
  • An agreement for nano convergent coatings on home radiators between Isatis Co. and Schiller Co.



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