An innovative approach to synthesis of nanocomposite on herbal substrates

Iranian researchers at the University of Jiroft and Payame Noor University in Kerman have synthesized nanocomposites on microcrystalline cellulose substrates.

October 16, 2018 Scientific

An Iranian research team from the University of Jiroft and Payame Noor University synthesized a green nanocomposite supported on natural extracted cellulose from Carthamus tinctorius. Using herbal substrates significantly lowers the cost of production, reduces the harmful waste and gives the final product a high selectivity. 

Asma Sedri, a faculty member at University of Jiroft, Sayed Zia Mohammadia, a faculty member and Atena Naeimi, a graduate student at Kerman Payame Noor University are key team members who are working on this project. The results of this research are published in the Journal of Carbohydrate Polymers with an impact factor of 5.158.

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