An Iranian Company established an Educational Portal in Oman

Iran and Oman are working together for launching an educational portal with the aim of educating and increasing the awareness of nanotechnology.

September 30, 2018 Agreements

Advance Universal Tech (AUT) Company from Oman and Tavana Co. from Iran are cooperating in the development of Nano City project in Oman. The city is planned to be operational by 2023 and it is expected to elevate Oman to the main commercial canter in nanotechnology among Arab and African countries. 

Currently, the project is at its feasibility study phase and it is going to be in a million square meter suburban area in Muscat. As a part of its initial steps, Tavana Co. held five introduction nanotechnology workshops in various universities in Muscat, Al-Musannah, and Neyzevaa. 

Tavana Co. has the experience of equipping and launching Nanotechnology laboratories in counties such as China and Cuba, and it is targeting to extend their global market by cooperating in the Nano City project in Oman.  



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