Industrial Manufacturing of a Thin and Lightweight Acoustic Insulator

Negin Rose Sepahan Co. has initiated the industrial manufacturing of an acoustic insulator called “Rose Syntext” which is lighter and more flexible than mineral wool.

September 23, 2018 Commercialization

The “Rose Syntext”, a novel acoustic insulator, was first introduced during the NanoMatch program (INIC’s nanotechnology startup accelerator) in 2016 by a startup team. Under the supervision of Nanomatch mentors, a preliminary prototype was developed and commercialized by Negin Rose Sepahan Co. and the startup team’s founder.

The insulator is only 1 cm thick and easy to set up and transfer. It can resist fire, it is hydrophobic and very flexible. In addition, the insulator can be painted with different designs and colors and prevents the growth of microbes. These features make the product convenient in most situations and give it competitive advantages in comparison with mineral wool which is the common insulator material.

Negin Rose Sepahan Co. has the capacity to produce more than 10 square meters of the mentioned insulators on a daily basis and is well prepared to present this innovative product to the market.



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