Metal Oxide Nanoparticles to reduce pollution

Researchers at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad has published their recent work on the positive effect of adding metal-oxide nanoparticles to reduce pollution and increase the efficiency of diesel motors.

September 17, 2018 Scientific

The main goal of the project was to lower the emission of environmental pollutants from diesel motors by adding metal-oxide nanoparticles to the fuel.
The results show that using the designed additive drops fuel usage by 4 percent, boosts the efficiency of the diesel-motor and lowers the emitted nitric oxide and carbon monoxide by 40 and 25 percent, respectively.
Mina Mehregan, a Ph.D. candidate of mechanical engineering and Dr. Mohammad Moghimian, a faculty member at Ferdowsi University are two key members in the research team. The results of the project are published in Fuel Journal with an impact factor of 4.9.
For more information, you can find the original article here.



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