The Opening Ceremony of Iran Nanostartup 2018 was held at Sharif University of Technology on August 27th, 2018

The opening ceremony of Iran Nanostartup 2018 was held on August 27th and 28th at Sharif University of Technology. The thematic focus of this event was water and the environment.

September 10, 2018 Agreements

Nanostartup is an event held annually by INIC with the aim of empowering and developing nanotechnology-based startup teams. The event’s scientific committee chooses each year’s theme based on the main industrial and environmental challenges in Iran. This year’s theme was water and the environment. 
Among top 100 participants of Iran National Nanotechnology Competition, seventy ones participated in Nanostartup 2018 opening ceremony. 
In the first day of the event, participants were introduced to the program, mentors and the whole package of Nanostartup services. Also, mentors presented the proposed Nanostartup ideas. These ideas were selected by the market and industry experts considering both the technical and market feasibility. Participants could register their idea and form teams and they must meet the market and technical feasibility criteria of the program.
At the end of the first day and through the second day a team-building workshop based on MBTI test was held. The main point of this workshop was to help participants learn the basic concepts of building an effective and coherent team.
After the ceremony, participants have forty days to find a technical team-mate and write a proposal based on the selected (or proposed) idea. The proposals and teams will be judged during October. The selected teams will be eligible to enter the second stage of Nanostartup.





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