A Review on Mutual Cooperation between Iranian and Chinese Nanotechnology Companies

In the last three years, Iran Nano China Center (INCC) have facilitated mutual cooperation between Iranian and Chinese companies. So far, this has resulted in several matchmaking events and 5 signed contracts between the two parties.

August 18, 2018 Management

INCC started working in Suzhou in 2015 with the aim of expediting and broadening the cooperation process between two countries in the field of nanotechnology. Lately, a second INCC office was established in Guangzhou. Since its inauguration, INCC has played a major role in productive cooperation between Iran and China’s nanotechnology-based firms; it has initiated 15 matchmaking events between nanotechnology-based companies and facilitated the participation of Iranian companies in 15 professional international fairs in China that resulted in several signed contracts.

INCC is aiming to further develop its activities and become a major export facilitator of Iranian nanotechnology products in the near future.



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