Bone Infection and Inflammation Cured by Nanoporous Composite, an Iranian team announces.

Iranian researchers at Najafabad University and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences were able to synthesize a multifunctional nanoporous composite which can eliminate cancer cells that occure after surgery, cure bone infection, and reduce inflammation simultaneously in osteoid tissue site.


August 18, 2018 Scientific

An Iranian research team designed a multifunctional composite consisted of magnetic zinc ferrite as core, and nanoporous zinc silicate as shell via a two-step synthesis strategy. Zinc ferrite particles are synthesized via solvothermal method and then they were coated through surfactant-assisted sol-gel method to obtain zinc silicate-ZnFe2O4 composite. This product has a wide range of applications which makes it suitable for removing cancer cells, curing bone infections and reducing inflammations. The results of this scientific work are published in the prestigious journal of Ceramics International.

You can find the original article here.



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