Iran 2025 Nanotechnology Development Program Announces

Recently, Iran have announced its national nanotechnology development program, vision 2025.

February 04, 2018 Management

By early 2018, some countries have announced their future nanotechnology strategic plans and policies. Among those countries, Germany, the United States, Poland, the Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, and Hungary have published 2020 nanotechnology strategic plans.

In Iran, "Nanotechnology in Iran 2025: National Nanotechnology Development Program" was approved by the government and announced to be implemented by relevant organizations. Based on this plan, in vision 2025, nanotechnology progress in Iran will improve people's quality of life through accelerating development and creation of wealth. At the time, the country will focus on international collaborations and activities while improving its former scientific achievements among world leading countries in the field of nanotechnology.

For more information about other countries’ strategic plan, you can visit StatNano website.



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