Nanostructured dressings accelerate burn wound healing: Researchers claim

Researchers at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center at the Institute of Advanced Therapies, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, have successfully achieved a unique formulation for the fabrication of special wound dressings for treatment of deep dermal burns so that no scars remain. In vivo results in animal models are very promising. 

January 28, 2018 Scientific

The use of wound dressing is very common and play an important role in the process of healing and the use of modern dressings have attracted the attention of many scholars. Recently, a group of researchers synthesized a nanostructured drug-containing wound dressing, which, in addition to providing the moisture needed to heal the wound, releases a drug slowly at the site of the wound thereby improving the speed and the quality of healing.

"The positive and promising results of animal studies show that our formulation can be used in treatment of diabetic wounds and injuries from burning and as a result increase the quality of treatment for these patients," said Dr. Mohammad Ramezani.

"Dehydration of natural hydrogels have unique properties such as biocompatibility, softness, flexibility and hydrophilicity," said Ramezani, referring to the dextran hydrogels characteristics of the dressing. He then added: “solubility and stability of curcumin were increased by encapsulating it in biocompatible PEG-PLA nanomycers and then loaded into a dextran hydrogel. The resulting nanosomes protect curcumin from damage and cause its slow release in the wound. In addition, this reduces inflammation, accelerates the synthesis of collagen at the site of the ulcer, and ultimately restores the entire hair follicles at the wound site. "



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