15 Iranian companies attend the CHInano2017 exhibition

Fifteen Iranian companies introduced their latest achievements over nanotechnology through attendance at CHInano2017 exhibition. CHInano2017 exhibition was held from October 25th to 27th in Suzhou, China.

November 06, 2017 Events and Agreements

CHInano2017 exhibition was held in Suzhou, China, where 15 Iranian nanotechnology-based companies had actively attended. Six nanotechnology companies including “Nanostructured Coatings Company”, “Amin Asia Fanavar Pars”, “Takfamsazane teife noor (Teksan) company”, “Rangin Nano Nahal”, “Nanotechnology System Corporation (NATSYCO)”, and “Nano Maad Pars” attended the exhibition, and nine companies including “Aria Polymer Pishgam”, “Chitotech”, “Exir Nano Sina”, “Highno”, “Parsa Polymer Sharif”, “Sevin Plasma”, “Tavaana”, “Top Sonics” and “Fanavaran Nano-Meghyas” introduced their products to other companies and visitors. These companies are active in production of nanotechnology-related equipment and nanomaterials, as well as nano-textiles, nanostructured drugs and nano polymers.

CHInano is the first and the largest annual event in China over the nanotechnology. While the event consists of four main sections including summit, technology (workshop), exhibition and investment, it has focused on some scientific fields such as the production of nanomaterials, clean energy and technology, nanobiotechnology and new nanomaterials. The main aim behind this event was to create an international platform for the development of cooperation over the nanotechnology.

Albeit it is the seventh period of the CHInano conference and exhibition, it has been converted to the most influential and popular business event over the nanotechnology in China. The exhibition has attracted more than 9,000 visitors, 7 nanotechnology associations, 25 specialized institutions and more than 1,000 nanotechnology-based companies. Given the establishment of four offices for the commercialization and supply of China’s nanotechnology-based products, the presence of fifteen Iranian nano companies will be a milestone for increasing the exportation of Iranian nano-products to China and promoting the international cooperation over the nanotechnology. 


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