Nominated nanofiber-oriented projects were introduced at Iran’s First International Conference on Nanofibers

Three nominated Iranian projects were introduced to investors and sponsors on the sidelines of the First International Conference on Nanofibers in Iran. They were proposed with initial prototypes about "The fabrication of nanofiber-based filtration systems for water purification applications". The conference was held on Sunday, October 22, 2017, in the auditorium of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

November 05, 2017 Events and Agreements

Over the past years, Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC) has done its best to develop and commercialize the various fields of nanotechnology, and particularly, the nanofiber technology. Given Iran’s significant technological and scientific achievements in nanofibers, INIC’s Industry and market workgroup held the "first Nanofibers Techmart" on the sidelines of the first International Conference on Nanofibers in Iran (ICNF2017). The main aim behind this event was to strengthen the bilateral relationships between scientific / technical centers and actors involved in the ecosystem of innovation as well as to attract the fund required for the commercialization of the ideas. Out of the 42 submitted projects proposed in the techmart, three technical projects were nominated. These projects, all of which have reached the stage of laboratory-scale prototypes, have been evaluated by experts from INIC industry and market workgroup and are ready to raise funds for further activities and market entry. The titles of the aforementioned projects are as follows:

  • Design and fabrication of nanofiber-based super hydrophobic microporous hybrid filters for the preparation of safe water in membrane distillation processes
  • Preparation of nanofiber-based nanofiltration membranes 
  • Nanofiber-based thin film filters 


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