Rusnano attends 10th Iranian Nanotechnology Festival

Rusnano Company has attended the 10th Iranian nanotechnology exhibition to find business partners as joint ventures and invest in nano products. Among the company’s products, Russia Electro processors for controlling the fuel consumption, the micro-source capsules for the cancer therapy and optical fibers are the most significant.

October 14, 2017 Agreements

Rusnano Company is established as a public investment fund to develop the nanotechnology and pave the way for exploiting its benefits in various fields. Currently, the fund supports 90 projects in various companies of different business backgrounds. These companies are involved in a variety of fields including materials and artificial membranes.
Nowadays, Rusnano benefits from 15 research and development centers in Russia, known as the Nano Centers. More than 1,500 researchers are now working at these centers. Standardization, certification and the issuance of new laws in the field of nanomaterials and their applications in energy generation, microelectronics, photonics, etc are among the most significant activities of these centers.
Announcing the presence of 10 companies in the Rusnano booth, Sergei Filippov, Rusnano's science communication chairman said, "We do not aim to sell our products to Iranians, but rather participate as joint ventures or R&D division of Iranian projects. The company not only is involved in nanotechnology-centered activities in Russia, but also is active in South Korea, Iran and China during 10 years after this enterprise has started its activity". 
"The aim behind our participation in this exhibition is to find a business partner for the commercialization and establishment of a joint venture factory for the fabrication of products in Iran. Hence, we are interestingly embraced to invest in a promising nanotechnology-oriented business by 50%. Since Rusnano's subsidiaries have a strong hand in the production of diverse products, the Iranian business partner should decide what kind of production projects Iran tends to work with us".
"Given the significance of the pollution phenomenon in Iran’s public transportation system, the Russia Electro processor, as responsible for efficient fuel control on buses, is of prime significance " he said about the products at the 10th nanotechnology exhibition.
"Optical fibers are used to transmit Internet and telecommunication signals. They can be used underground, underwater or aerial. These fibers are produced in Russia for the first time and have been able to successfully compete with their counterparts produced by five high-quality optical fiber manufacturers in the world. Although Russia has developed products for domestic use, it exports its commodities to some countries including China, Australia, UK and many other countries. Some produced optical fibers are designed and used for long distances, but others for short ones such as buildings and cities in which fibers must be bent" said optical fiber manufacturer, Aleksey Makarkin from Rusnano.
"Micro-source is a radioactive isotopes-containing capsule, being used for the cancer therapy including the neck cancer, breast cancer, and particularly, prostate cancer in men. After the detection of cancer cells, the capsule is injected into them by specific needles. Since cancerous cells are highly sensitive to radioactive substances, it quickly leads to the destruction of cancer cells. As this treatment approach is used in many medical centers in Russia, it has a strong tendency to cooperate with Iran in this case" , added Alexei Levachev, another Russian producer.




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