Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council’s Membership in the Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce

The Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) joined the Iranian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce in line with major policies towards increasing the exportation of Iranian nano-products to neighboring countries.

October 02, 2017 Events and Agreements

One of INIC’s priorities is to support the exportation of Iranian products and enhance the international cooperation between Iranian nanotechnology companies and their counterparts in neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia and Oman.
"The calm political atmosphere in Iraq due to the deterioration of the extreme Daesh terrorist group (ISIL) has promoted Iran to increased exportation of its product, especially construction materials and plastics" said Engineer Jalil Zaim, a market specialist at INIC.
He introduced the main purpose of this membership as a way to facilitate Iran-Iraq commercial relationship for the exportation of Iranian nano-products into Iraq, as well as to create a sustainable exportation.
"We hope that the companies producing the nano-products can take the full advantage of this infrastructure, so that it can pave the way for increasing the exportation of nano-products" said Zaim, while expressing his hope for the production and exportation of Iranian nano-products in other areas including agriculture, water, health and medicine in the forthcoming future.


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