Development of cooperation between Iran and Indonesia over nanotechnology

On Tuesday, 29 August, a common meeting was held with the participation of Iranian and Indonesian nanotechnology practitioners, aiming at developing cooperation in the field of nanotechnology. At this meeting, Iran’s nanotechnology achievements were introduced, and active companies of both countries negotiated the nanoscience. The introduction of technological achievements of two Iranian companies about the production of polymer matrix nanocomposites was one of the interesting points of this joint meeting.

September 15, 2017 Management

Dr. Saeed Sarkar, the secretary general of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC), Valiolah Mohammadi Nasrabadi, the ambassador of Iran in Jakarta, Indonesian deputy minister for economic affairs, advisors for Indonesian ministers of science, research, and higher education and industry, representatives of twelve Iranian companies producing nano products, a number of managers and experts from relevant Indonesian ministries and institutions, and more than sixty Indonesian companies involved in nanoscience participated in this economic-scientific event.
"Indonesia has designed a five-year program in three phases to develop the nanotechnology industry. The first phase supports the products such as food, chemicals and textile, the second phase covers polymeric materials and automotive industry, and the third phase addresses the buildings and electronics" said the head of Indonesian Ministry of Industry’s Innovation Center at the meeting.
Also, Rudy Rajab, the deputy chairman of the Middle East and Islamic committee of Indonesian chamber of commerce put his emphasis on the novelty of nanotechnology in Indonesia and considered the small and medium enterprises as the most important areas for the development of nanotechnology-oriented cooperation.
On the sideline of this meeting, two Iranian companies, i.e. "Parsa Polymer Sharif" and "Aria Polymer Pishgam", introduced their latest technological advances to Indonesian industrial companies.
Engineer Saeed Zakai as the managing director of Parsa Polymer Sharif Company attended this specialized meeting, while introducing his three nanocomposite products including "Polypropylene-based nanocomposites for silent fittings" for the construction applications, "Polypropylene-based nanocomposites with high color adhesion and strength" for automotive applications and "Biodegradable Nano Compound" for packaging industry.
An exhibition of nanotechnology-based products was held on the sidelines of the meeting to pave the way for Iranian and Indonesian companies to introduce their products, exchange their nanotechnology-related knowledge and improve their economic relations in the field of nanotechnology.
Engineer Mohammad Ali Abadi Farahani, CEO of Aria Polymer Pishgam also uncovered his two products, i.e. "Hard PVC-based nanometric additives" for the construction applications and "polypropylene-based anti-corrosive masterbatch" for the automotive industry.


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