14th Asia Nano Forum Summit Held in Malaysia

14th Asia Nano forum (ANF) summit was hold in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, 21 and 22 August 2017. Two representatives from Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC) participated in the summit. 

August 24, 2017 Agreements

ANF is a network of 15 Asian economies including Iran, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine and Taiwan as well as economies from other continents like Austria and Australia, collaborating in areas of standardization, education, commercialization, safety and infrastructure related to nanoscience and nanotechnology. The INIC representative has been the vice president of the ANF during past two years. 
In this year’s summit, two plans were proposed by INIC delegation and were approved by ANF members. The first proposal was for the launch of a workshop “Asia-Europe Dialogue on Nanosafety and Certification” which is going to be held on 28 Nov. 2017 simultaneous with International Conference of Nanomedicine and Nanosafety (29 and 30 Nov. 2017, Tehran, Iran). The event was already proposed to the relevant bodies in EU by INIC and has been agreed by both sides. It worth noting that Iran and other Asian economies such as Taiwan, Thailand , Malaysia and Russia are quite active in the field of standardization and certification of nanotechnology products and have gained valuable experiences in this areas. INIC also has also been able to establish the needed infrastructure in relevant ministries of health, agriculture and department of veterinary along with Iran Nanosafety Network during the last 7 years. In addition, INIC has developed more than 60 national nanotechnology standards and 3 international ISO/TC229 standards with 4 more international standards in pipeline.
The aim of the “Asia- EU dialogue” would be exchange of information, knowledge and experience as well as sharing resources, coordination with the hope of possible harmonization of activities and programs related to nanosafety and certification.   
The next plan which had been already approved in ANF in 2015 summit was about International Nano Olympiad (INO) initiative. This plan was proposed to ANF in 2015 by INIC based on its 8 years of experience in holding Iran National Nanotechnology Olympiad.  The plan was pursued in the past year through close collaboration among Iran, Russia, Taiwan and South Korea as the founding economies of the initiative. As a result, the permanent secretariat was established in INIC and it was decided that the first event to be held early April 2018 in Iran. In this year’s summit, report of the activities and explanation of the structure and model of the INO was appraised by the member economies and several of them showed their interest to participate and contribute. 
In the 14th ANF summit the member economies presented their country’s achievements and activities regarding nanotechnology in the past year. Prof. Ali Beitollahi, representative of the INIC in ANF, also presented Iran’s nano activities and achievements which appraised by the audience. During the summit, two workshops were also held on nanosafety and commercialization. In the commercialization workshop Malaysian and Chinese companies presented their experiences, and challenges of commercialization of nanotechnology products in the region were discussed. 



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