Iran now among countries producing carbon-based quantum dots

Iranian Knowledge-based Company “Shimi Sanaat Roshd Sahand” has succeeded in producing carbon-based quantum dots at a much lower price than its foreign equivalents. These produced nanostructures are characterized by low toxicity, cost-effectiveness and high thermal conductivity.

August 18, 2017 Commercialization

Despite the fluorescence and optical properties, the new-generation carbon quantum dots benefit from high thermal and electrical conductivities and superior optical properties. These unique features have led to the widespread use of this product in the interdisciplinary sciences including medicine and imaging, physics, chemistry, electronics, and electronic boards. As a typical example, this kind of materials can be widely used in biomedical imaging instead of radiopharmaceuticals. Nowadays, largest media companies use carbon quantum dots to produce a new generation of LEDs.
This product is produced by several countries, and now in Iran, Shimi Sanaat Roshd Sahand Company has launched its activities with a daily production of 40 to 50 kg as an industrial pilot. Albeit given the high added value of this product, such a production scale means an industrial production. Of course, there is an increasing possibility that the company is able to increase its production, if the demands of industrial enterprises begin to grow.
More recently, Shimi Sanaat Roshd Sahand Company has exploited carbon quantum dots in the  industrial lubricants thanks to their favorable thermal transfer. It has successfully reduced the friction of industrial parts. It can also be used in fluorescence colors, glosses and industrial cleaners.
On May 17, 2017, this product has received a nanoscale certificate from the Product Evaluation Unit of the Nanotechnology Development Corporation.



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