An Iranian company produces nanofluids in the industrial scale

Iranian Nano Pooshesh Felez Company is currently providing a number of industrial and power plants in the country with the industrial production of high cooling power nanofluids and anti-sediment nanoscale coatings. The usage of DZ cooling nanofluids reduces the energy consumption by 10 percent in the industrial facilities.

August 16, 2017 Industrial

The annual production of DZ cooling Nanofluids is one hundred twenty tons, yielding over 500 million tomans income last year. Although fifteen people are now directly working in Nano Pooshesh Felez Company, the work forces will increase up to 100 individuals if the domestic and foreign markets are developed. The company is looking for the full exploitation of nanotechnology in the development of other industrial products, some of which have been produced for the laboratory and semi-industrial applications.
"Nano Pooshesh Felez Company established in 2006 and started its activity from Karaj Azad University. The company began the laboratory-scale production of several knowledge-based products through patenting several international and domestic inventions. In 2008, the company received a nanoscale certificate from the Iran Nanotechnology
Innovation Council (INIC), and received approvals for its product performance from well-recognized domestic laboratories in collaboration with INIC. At present, the company's nano-products are used in a variety of industrial and power plants among which the industries related to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Ministry of Petroleum, the Municipality Bus Company of Tehran, Raja Passenger Trains, the Bhutan Industrial Group, Kahnooj Mahtab Power Generation Company, and Tarsht Power Plant can be mentioned" said Engineer Mansour Hemmati, the board chairman of Nano Pooshesh Felez Company, regarding the foundation and development of the company's activities in the production of industrial products.
"Most of cooling fluids in the market are alcohol-based and just shifts the water boiling point to higher temperatures. But the nanofluids produced by this company increase the degree of contact between fluid molecules and metallic wall of the converter due to the formation of nanoballs on the wall of heat exchangers, thereby improving the heat transfer rate" explained Mr. Hemmati about the technology used in the production of DZ Nanofluid, referring to commonly used cooling fluids on the market.



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