Official Inauguration of Nanotechnology Student Lab in Guangzhou, China, Equipped with Iranian Made Equipment

A nanotechnology student lab was officially inaugurated in Guangzhou, China, this week, with the presence of representatives from China, Singapore, Iran, Vietnam, Poland, Mali and South Korea. All the equipment has been manufactured by Iranian high tech companies.

July 19, 2017 Agreements

A nanotechnology student lab was inaugurated in Guangzhou, China, equipped with Iranian made equipment. Hzs_Nanosurf Nanotechnology Company as the representative of Tavana Company has initiated marketing Iran-made nanotechnology training equipment packages in China since 2016. This company has set up the first educational nanotechnology student lab in Suzhou, China, last year and the second lab in Guangzhou, this year.­­­
Recently, local authorities of Guangzhou city, representatives of the Iranian Consulate in Guangzhou, representatives of Hzs_Nanosurf Co. and Tavana Co., representatives from different high schools in Guangzhou as well as representatives from consulates of different countries including Singapore, Vietnam, Poland, Mali, Korea, Kuwait etc. in Guangzhou attended the official opening ceremony held at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. Mr. Sheikh Gholami, Iranian Consulate General in Guangzhou, Prof. Sarkar, Secretary General of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council and Mr. Shan, the CEO of Hzs_Nanosurf gave speeches at the ceremony. This event was coordinated by the help of Iranian Consulate General in Guangzhou.
Tavana Company represents about 20 Iranian Nano equipment manufacturing companies and operates in the fields of (i) designing nanotechnology educational equipment packages, (ii) provision of  content for nanotechnology labs in different languages, and (iii) marketing and branding nanotechnology educational equipment.



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