Anti-Wave Pregnancy Belly Band

Nowadays, the technological advances have introduced the application of radio waves into our life. In accordance with the recent research works, scientists have claimed that the prolonged exposure to the different radio waves and rays can increase the chance of getting cancer in fetus. Tanco anti-wave pregnancy belly band is capable of protecting the mother and her fetus against the electromagnetic waves up to 99 percent.

July 15, 2017 Scientific

Different electromagnetic waves and fields can negatively affect the fetus cells in the early days of its formation. It is suggested that the pregnant women use the anti-wave pregnancy belly band as and when the positive result of pregnancy is declared.

This product has been developed for the first time by MEDE NANO TEXTILE & TAN SAN TEB HEKMATANEH Company in Iran. Tanco anti-wave belly band is a science-based product of nanotechnology and unveiled in 20th International Exhibition of Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment in 2017 in Tehran.
To date, this Iranian product has been successful in getting the certification of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council and Antenna laboratory at Iran University of Science and technology. It is capable of protecting the fetus against the electromagnetic waves of frequency ranging from 960 megahertz to 13 Giga Hertz. Moreover, it can protect the fetus against other waves including Wi-Fi and satellite radiations.
According to committed researches, anti-wave property, prevention from or deduction of backache, alleviation the symptoms of stretch marks and shock absorption property are among the main characteristics of this product.


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