Mass Production of Nanocomposite Manholes

The Iranian Matin Technical Design Co. has managed to successfully design and manufacture the nanocomposite manholes of high thermal and chemical resistance. It can pave the way for meeting some needs of oil, gas, and petrochemicals, water and wastewater, and telecommunication industries.

July 15, 2017 Commercialization

As a type of connection, manholes are used to connect several networks and vestibules and are widely employed in the construction of underground tunnels associated with different fields such as oil, gas, and petrochemicals industry, telecommunication, infrastructure industries, and transportation and traffics. As a manufacturer of various types of composite storages and connections since 2007, Matin Technical Design Co. has been able to successfully produce nanocomposite manholes with optimal chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties.

The compressive strength of the product has been enhanced through the inclusion of silica nanoparticles in their polymeric structure. Moreover, employing nanotechnology has resulted in reduced finished price as well as shortened sintering procedure.

The nanocomposite manholes are composed of two composite and elastomeric layers. The former layer has a larger thickness than the latter one. These layers are produced simultaneously through hot molding subjected to 1200-ton hydraulic press at 150oC. More importantly, the utilization of nanomaterials for increasing the compressive strength is possible only through design of a particular sintering system under specific conditions, a mechanism which Matin Technical Design Co. has been able to achieve. Benefiting from desirable mechanical properties, the manufactured manholes have high thermal and chemical resistance. The company is capable of supplying 1000 ton of this product annually. This product has the Iran national standard certificate and recently has received the “nanoscale certificate” from the Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council.



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