Iran Patent Center

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IPRs create tradable assets out of products of human intellect, and provide a large array of IPR tools on which businesses can rely to help drive their success through innovative business models. Inventions, whether products or processes، are conceptualized to solve specific technological problems. When they are patented، inventions contribute to the increase of the Global Competitiveness Index of the country.

Believing in the potential of local inventors to contribute to the country's intellectual and economic wealth, Iran Patent Office commits to enhance its services that demonstrate national capability of innovations.

Iran Patent Center started its activities since 2004 as an intellectual property department of Iranian Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC). In 2014, with the approval of the Science and Technology Deputy of President, the department as an independent office started its activities in various field of intellectual property rights, focusing more on patents and in all areas of science and technology.

Iran Patent Center by taking into account the country requirements in intellectual property fields, has establish and worked with various associations and firms in the assorted IP fields in the form of a focused collection.

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