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Anti Cancer Drug (SinaDoxosome)

Medicine and Health    2019 Jan 10    0   209

This product is Sinadoxosome containing liposomal hydrochloride doxorubicin. Its formulation inserts doxorubicin into the nanoliposome carriers and increases permeability and stability of the drug in the tumor tissue. This lipid carrier decreases the side effects of d

Anti-microbial Wound Rinsing Silvosept

Medicine and Health    2019 Jan 12    0   214

Antimicrobial wound rinsing spray is special for cleaning wounds and can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

Antibacterial gauze - Agicoat

Medicine and Health    2019 Jan 12    0   225

This product is silver nanoparticles antibacterial dressing. The process of wound healing is delayed by bacterial infections. Therefore, prevention and treatment of infections is an important part of healing. The dressing containing silver nanoparticles is used for wo&l

SilvoSept Mouthwash

Medicine and Health    2019 Jan 12    0   227

Mouthwash SilvoSept is special for cleaning mouth and teeth and can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

Educational Conductive Pen

Educational Tools    2019 Jan 14    0   235

Conductive pens containing high concentration silver nanoparticles are produced to draw circuits. Today, nanoparticle-based inks represent the most important commercial nanotechnology-derived product and the most widely studied worldwide. Metallic particles have uniqu

Automotive Air Filters

Industrial Services    2019 Jan 14    0   234

A vehicle air filter protects the engine and is used to prevent the engine from being damaged by dust or other contamination particles. It’s designed in different shapes for different kinds of cars. Introduction of Nano-technology to filter industry is the most

Heavy Truck Air Filter

Industrial Services    2019 Jan 14    0   212

One of the latest advancements in Filtration is the use of Nano Technology. With this technique surface large cellulose and synthetic fibers (usually with a diameter of 10 to 50 µm) covered with very fine nanofibers (usually with a diameter of 50 to 400 Nm). Usi&l

Radiator Water Cooling additive(DZ)

Auto Accessories    2019 Jan 14    0   234

Nanofluids are heat transfer liquids with dispersed nanoparticles. Recent research has shown that they are capable of improving the thermal conductivities and heat transport properties of the base fluid and enhancing energy efficiency and may have potential

Multipurpose Anti Reflective Sunglasses

Clothing    2019 Jan 14    0   240

This product is both sport and multi-purpose glasses that can be used for both men and women. The glasses are all frames; all over the lens is a black frame, and the sports frame model is suitable for people with any face shape (square, circle, triangle, rectangl

Hydrophobic Shoes

Clothing    2019 Jan 14    0   245

Water ingress into shoes can lead to a bad feeling of soaked feet and socks, rotting of internal components, a reduction in material strength (for example, contributing to sole bond failures), bacterial growth and associated bad odors, and significant weight incr