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Washing Machine

Household Goods    2019 Jan 02    0   255

Washing machines are popular domestic appliances which as their name imply are used to wash clothes with water and detergents. There are different kinds of washings machines in the market with a variety of applications. The front load washing machine is one of the mos&l

Cutting board

Household Goods    2019 Jan 02    0   228

A cutting board is a durable board on which to place material for cutting. The kitchen cutting board is commonly used in preparing food. Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic and come in various widths and sizes. 

Golden Tea Set

Household Goods    2019 Jan 02    0   216

In all Iranian homes, tea service is considered to be a catering requirement. Tea services are popular not only in Iran but also in western countries for teatime parties. Its history goes back to China. Accordingly, these kinds of catering sets have come to market in

Antibacterial Towel

Household Goods    2019 Jan 05    0   220

All the people for bathrooms, sports or normal activities of daily living need to dry up their bodies. On the other hand typical towels during routine daily activity are in the face of humidity and body sweat and as a result are in the face of complications from micro&l

Manida Glass Hydrophobic Spray

Household Goods    2019 Jan 08    0   222

Remained water droplets on the glass surface have always been troublesome in various applications. In the building applications, it creates stain and causes driver problem in the car's glass. Hydrophobic coatings can be easily applied to glass, metal, pl

Antibacterial carpet

Household Goods    2019 Jan 08    0   226

The average amount of bacteria found in a homeowner’s carpet is 200,000 organisms per square inch. This amount is 4,000 times more than that found on an average homeowner’s toilet seat! So the use of disinfectants which leads to reduced activity of these o&l