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To successfully commercialize the nanotechnology-based products and seize a strong position in the global markets, one should adopt the national, regional and international standards, and become involved in the compilation and ratification of standards and global protocols. This is because the lack of protocols and national/international standards for evaluating the ways the efficiency and new properties of nano products can be measured, and the lack of standards for safety aspects have provoked the countries active in nanotechnology to address the topic of standardization as one of their main plans in the forthcoming future. Indeed, by the participation of countries in the process of preparing international standards, they can introduce their national priorities on an international level. They can also develop the standards for their own domestically fabricated products, thereby paving the way for the international markets and preserving their national interests at an international level. Given the importance of this issue, the Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC) has established a specialized task force entitled “Technical Committee for Standardization of Nanotechnology’’ in 2006 with the participation of Iran’s National Standards Organization. This committee works in parallel to the ‘International Committee for Standardization of Nanotechnology’ (ISO / TC 229). In the international committee, 37 countries including the Islamic Republic of Iran are the main members of the committee, whereas 14 countries are the sub-members. The aim behind the corresponding internal committee is the preparation and development of national standards, participation in international standardization activities, and contribution to developing the necessary infrastructures for implementing standards and monitoring them. For several preceding years, Iran is a member of the advisory group for the Chairman of the International Committee with a very active partnership.

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